Power of (sweet) Self Talk

We are talking to ourselves a lot. We have opinions and ideas about what we are doing, what others are doing and whatever is happing in the past/future/present moment ALL the time. And without even being aware of it, this can be harsh and negative, using words on yourself (and others) you won’t ever verbally express to a friend or someone you love. What you are telling yourself on a daily base can have a great impact on how you feel, both positive and negative. Our body responds to what we are telling ourself and changing the conversation can have interesting effects. We tend to make better choices when we feel good about ourselves.

Often times, we are not even aware of the conversations in our minds. Through awareness and really listening to what you’re telling yourself you start to create space for change. This takes practice, the mind, like the body, needs time to get well trained, yet for some people it just ‘clicks’ at a certain point.

Does this ring a bell? You look in the mirror and start to notice all the things you don’t like about your body. This can be a simple… oh no(!!) or it can be harsh words telling yourself how much you hate this or that part, or worse your whole body. Same counts for self talk about your personality, repeating to yourself everything that you think you did wrong or you think is wrong with your personality is poison to your (mental) health.

A very powerful tool to get out of the grasp of your thinking mind is mindfulness meditation. Finding acceptance and letting go of whatever comes up in your mind. With mindfulness you will be able to catch yourself when you start to hop on the train of negative thinking and simply step off.