GROUP coaching

Whether you seek accountability, want to learn to relax more, manage stress better, or deepen your self-awareness. Group coaching is a great tool to establish a radical shift in life.

want this?


  • Fewer mood swings, reduced reactivity, and increased capacity to navigate stressful situations with calmness and clarity.
  • Better relationships and less drama, more ease and courage in communication.
  • Better sleep quality, deeper, more restorative sleep, with fewer disruptions.
  • Improved cognitive function, better focus, mental clarity, and concentration.
  • Feeling good in your body, reduced muscle tension, better digestion.
  • Enhanced sexuality & sensuality, more fun, playfulness, and pleasure.


Full of Knowledge, Little Action: Tired of being the expert, but not moving forward as you like?

Overwhelmed & Overthinking: Stop overthinking and start doing! Get rid of analysis paralysis and get on the path to progress with our group coaching.

You have read all the books: Bridge the gap between the wisdom in books and real-life resilience, ensuring knowledge works for you.

Find Motivation & Consistency: Transform your on-and-off motivation into consistency through community and accountability.

Stop the Chaos: Create clarity and direction as you connect to a community that provides support, focus, and encouragement.

Accountability: Stop trying to do it all alone and pair up with peers to secure your progress.

Group coaching sessions are rooted in holistic and somatic healing, designed to create a solid ground for transformation.

What you will learn in the group

Access your Subconscious: Gain the ability to shape your life the way you truly want it, breaking free from limitations and embracing unknown possibilities using your mind.

Learn to Communicate: Cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections with others, and establish healthier and more loving relationships.

Support Your Health: Health is a bottom up and top down approach. When you get you nervous system sorted, getting healthy is a lot easier.

Learn to take Action: Release what is holding you back to take your career to new heights by confidently moving toward your goals.

Get your Projects Going: Watch your projects come to life with newfound creativity, resilience, and effective project management skills. You can do way more than you think!

Reconnect to Pleasure, Play, and Purpose: Discover a profound sense of fulfilment and satisfaction by living a life that aligns with your true self.

And Make a Positive Impact: Create a ripple effect of positivity in your community and beyond, your growth and well-being benefits everyone around you!

group coaching offers

Online Training Content


when you sign up you get access to the community course material.*
The Weekly live sessions take place every tuesday at 18h00 GMT+1. 

*allow for 24hours for us to setup your account & access to the online content.


In-Person Community Connection Gatherings will take place in the Marbella Area. These will be announced 3 weeks ahead of time.