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My journey into yoga unfolded in my twenties while working as a tax consultant for Deloitte. From my very first yoga class, I was in awe of the profound physical and mental benefits of the practice. Over the years I explored various yoga styles but ultimately anchored myself in the enriching tantric philosophy of Anusara Yoga. There was something profound about the style that got me hooked, and I continue to love the practice even after years of being the student and the teacher.

Why i decided to teach yoga

Grateful for the transformation yoga offered and the incredible energy shifts I have experienced in this practice, I became passionated about extending yoga’s remarkable gifts to others. In my classes, I intertwine intensity with a soothing and grounding softness, creating an environment that both invigorates and centres my students. Through skilful integration of the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment, I support my students in cultivating heightened awareness of the subtle energies within and around them, enhancing strength, stability, and inner peace.

Yoga is for everybody

My teaching philosophy underscores that yoga is not about perfection but about embracing the journey and finding joy in the practice. No matter the level of experience, we can always find a way for everyone to enjoy yoga. I am dedicated to empowering my students to tap into their unique reservoirs of strength, in an inclusive atmosphere where everyone, regardless of their level, can experience the transformative essence of yoga.



Anusara’s ideology is grounded in the Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness. Anusara Yoga is a modern school of hatha yoga that was founded by American yoga teacher John Friend in 1997. Anusara, which means “flowing with grace” or “to flow with nature” in Sanskrit, is known for its heart-centered approach and its emphasis on alignment principles. The practice integrates a set of Universal Principles of Alignment, including “Open to Grace,” “Muscular Energy,” “Inner Spiral/Outer Spiral,” and “Organic Energy,” to guide you in aligning your body in a way that promotes stability, freedom, and overall well-being. Anusara Yoga combines a focus on physical alignment with a celebration of the spiritual and heart-opening aspects of yoga, encouraging you to connect with your Devine essence both on and off the mat.

universal principles of alignment

Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment provide a foundational framework for practitioners, emphasizing a heart-centered approach to yoga. Rooted in the 5 key principles:

  • Open to Grace: it invites the student to be present and receptive to Grace—the revelatory power of Spirit—so they can soften their boundaries and open to the vast power around them before engaging the contraction of Muscle Energy that follows. This will allow the heart and the body to expand and the foundation to naturally ground.
  • Muscular Energy: is an energetic magnetism of the outer circumference of the body—skin, muscles, bones—into the core of the inner body’s radiance, harmoniously integrating the two together.
  • Organic Energy: is an extension from the inner body that radiates out in all directions symbolically representing the ultimate purpose of spirit to expand freely in the most creative and joyful way possible.
  • Inner Spiral: The principle of Inner Spiral involves a subtle, inward, and upward spiraling movement originating from the core, fostering stability and grounding in yoga poses.
  • Outer Spiral: In contrast, Outer Spiral is characterized by an outward and downward spiraling movement, originating from the outer parts of the body, promoting expansion, openness, and a balanced flow of energy in the practice of yoga.

feeling inspired?

If you crave a class that not only engages you in a dynamic sequence of asanas, linking movement with breath but also invites spiritual and emotional growth, this class could be the perfect fit for you.

see you on the mat!

I am looking forward to welcoming you and practice together!