I'm Lydia Hill


Through my personal journey, I’ve learned how to confront my fears and insecurities, face my shadows, honor my deepest desires, and heal deeply rooted trauma. It was in this transformative process that I reclaimed my power, gained self-confidence, clarity, and finally understood what self-love, and self-worth means. I navigated the corporate world for many years while simultaneously embarking on a spiritual journey through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. These seemingly disparate paths have now merged into the heart of my work. 

life has not been a walk in the park

My journey began in my early twenties when I delved into yoga and into the complexities of the human mind, seeking clarity in the chaos of my inner life. The wisdom of therapy, inner parts work, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation became invaluable tools in releasing anxiety, overcoming depression, ending emotional eating, and nurturing self-acceptance and self-love.

but it brought me to who I am today

My purpose is to guide you as you rediscover your personal power, embracing your thoughts, shadows, and profound emotions without fear. I work with individuals from all walks of life, from teenagers to retirees and I am profoundly grateful to have found my purpose in life.

My never ceasing curiousity

After studying tax law, working in the corporate world for more than a decade, and subsequently owning a trading business, I shifted my interest. I have been trained in a mix of modalities that have lead me to what I offer today. I am constantly refreshing and expanding my knowledge and skills, simply because I love to stay curious, open, learn, and grow. Showing up the best I can for you, my clients, my family, and my friends. With a sharp mind and an empathetic heart, I see you for who you are, unburdened by self-imposed limitations, and I am excited for you to unravel and see your unique self


Training & SKILLS

I am Here to help you relax

I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless. I will not fix you, for you are not broken. I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness. I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light. - The Medicine Woman's Prayer

With immense gratitude to my teachers, guides, and mentors past and present: Frank Anderson (Harvard, IFS), David Grand (brainspotting), Robert Rhonton (complex trauma), Ann Bale (trauma, CBT, EMDR) Seetrue NL (MBCT), Joe Rivera (life-coaching), Robert Johnson (shadow work), Charlie Knoles (meditation), Sally Kempton (meditation), Daniel Odier (tantric buddhism), Susanne Roursgaard (body focussed trauma healing, sexuality), Trijntje Smink (energy & soul work), Sandra Ingerman (soul retrieval), Sianna Sherman (yoga), Kai Hill (yoga), Charles Hanley (yoga), Flynn Skidmore (IFS, coaching, business) Glenn Krancher (ADHD, autism), and many more.


non comprehensive list of the books on my shelf


Atomic habits – J. Clear
Driven to distraction – E. Hallowell
Never split the difference – C. Voss

Start with why – S. Sink

Get out of your own way – M. Goulston

Taming your gremlin – R.D. Carson

Quit emotional eating – A. Carr

Living an examined life – J. Hollis

Your brain is not broken – T. Rosier

Healing back pain – T.L. Rampa

Think straight lose weight – D. Godfrey

Stop eating your heart out – M. Beck

Brainstorm teenage brain – D. Siegel

Own your greatness – R. Orbe-Austin

Taming your outer child – S. Anderson

Boundary boss – L. Cole

Human design – G. Wernink

Internal family systems – F. Anderson

Deep work – C. Newport

Driven – D. Brackmann

Stolen focus – J. Hard


Embracing Shame – B. Lyon & S. Rubin

Trauma and recovery – J. Herman

Healing the fragmented self – J. Fisher

Tao of fully feeling – P. Walker

Reinventing your life – J. Young

Polyvagal exercises for safety – D. Dana

When I say no, I feel guilty – M. Smith

When panic attacks – D. Burns

How to do the work – N. LePera

No bad parts – R. Schwartz

ERP for OCD recovery – A. Greymond

The Emotionally absent mother – J.L. Cori

The body keeps the score – B. van der Kolk

CPTSD: from surviving to thriving – P. Walker

Waking the tiger – P. Levin

Healing developmental trauma – L. Heller

In an unspoken voice – P. Levine

How to do the work – N. Lepera

Mother Hunger – K. McDaniel

Anxiety: the missing stage of Grief – C. Bidwell Smith

It’s Grief: the dance of Self-Discovery

Dissociation made simple – J. Marich

Forward facing trauma therapy – J.E. Gentry

EMDR the breakthrough therapy – F. Shapiro 

Complex PTSD – P. Walke


You are the one you’ve been waiting for – R. Schwartz

Attuned: Practicing Interdependence – T. Hubl

Nonviolent communication – B. Rosenberg

The queens code – A. Armstrong

Relationship OCD recovery – A. Greyhound

I want this to work – E. Earnshaw

A cult of one – R. Grannon

The narcissists secrets – L. Lori

The love prescription – J. Gottman

The attachment theory workbook – A. Chen

Emotion Focussed Couples Therapy – L. Greenberg

The human magnet syndrome – R. Rosenberg

I hate you don’t leave me – J. Kreisman


The Untethered soul – M. Singer
(the only book I have read 3 times)

Beyond mindfulness – S. Bodian

A gradual awakening – S. Levine

A gradual awakening – M. Neales

The royal path of shakti – D. Odier

Cien anos de soledad – G. Marquez

Light on Life – B. Iyengar

Meditation for the love of it – S. Kempton

Awakening Shakti – Sally Kempton

The upanishads – E. Easwaran

Tantra illuminated – D. Wallis

Myths of the asanas – A. Kaivalya

The Bhavagad gita – E. Easwaran

The yoga sutras of Patanjali – S. Satchidananda

The power of now – E. Tolle

A new earth – E. Tolle  

Getting past your past – F. Shapiro

You the healer – J. Silva

Gradual Awakening – N. Miles

What is light body – T. Tachi-ren

The heart of recognition – S. Khecarantha

Extraordinary awakenings – S. Taylor

The recognition sutras – D. Wallis

The source of yoga – Sadhguru

Reality is not what it seems – C. Rovelli

The others within us – R. Falconer

Consciousness beyond life – P. Van Lommel

Cut the cords of attachment – R. Rosetree

Trauma sensitve mindfulness – D. Treleaven

Combatting cult mind control – S. Hassan

The upside of your dark side – T. Kashdan

Owning your shadow – R. Johnson

Becoming supernatural – J. Dispenza

Inner work – R. Johnson

In place of the self – R. Dunselman


The sexual healing journey – W. Maltz

Unmastered: a book on desire – K. Angel

Emergence of the sensual women – S. Desilets

The courage to heal – E. Bass

The art of seduction – R. Greene

Vagina: a cultural history – N. Wolf

Sex at Dawn – C. Ryan

Tantric massage – E. Green

Mating in captivity – E. Perel

Tantric massage – R. Riley

Tantric sex guide – G. Mason

Do better – R. Rickets


When you are willing to do the work and to dive deep, you get to tap into sources of energy and strength you haven’t had access to before. You discover things about yourself you couldn't imagine before. - Lydia

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