You have Unimaginable Possibilities

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Deep down we all know what is right for us, if only we were courageous enough to look at it, to really see it and ultimately act on it. By not honoring your deepest heart desires, by avoiding your shadows, by not facing your fears and insecurities, you are giving away our power, lose self-confidence.


Conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears, worries, trauma, failure, perfectionism are holding many of us back to step into our true power and potential. A coach is here to offer you unconditional support, to have your back, and at times hold you accountable. Supporting you with the energy and drive that helps you to push through.



Are you Ready?

create more energy and enthusiasm for life
free yourself from negative thoughts 
finally move forward with that decision
improve your self-esteem & self-worth
end the cycle of weight gain and loss
get out of limiting beliefs and stuck patterns
enjoy healthy and satisfying relationships
find clarity on your life’s purpose
feel great about the future ahead of you
fully embody and own yourself

The Value of a Coach

We all need some support at times


My role is to help you identify your blind spots, to help you recognize stuck patterns and limiting beliefs, to undo conditioning that doesn’t serve you, to replace this with empowering mindsets and skillful actions. 


I am here to help you trace your shadows, and dispel them. To hold space for your througths, your process, you eperience, your emotions, and to celebrate your breakthroughs. To share from personal experience to benefit your growth. 


We will seek to  get to the bottom of things and come up with solutions, so that in return you can move forward in life with more ease and much more grace. 


I offer unconditional support, I have your back and at times hold you accountable for the agreements you made towards yourself. Expect to be received with full compassion, acceptance, deep understanding, and care. Ready to connect when you are.


You Deserve to be Happy

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future


Trauma and disturbing events, as well as phobias, can diminish the quality of our daily lives without us even being aware of it. In my coaching practice, we work on unraveling these phobias, traumas, or disturbing events in a way that they can no longer affect you in your current life. This work is incredibly liberating and releases a lot of tensions in your body and mind. 


We will use techniques like EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and brain spotting. Well known effective for the treatment of (complex) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, eating disorders, addictions and anxiety by dissolving the power of emotionally charged memories of past events.


To discharge long held emotions, and trauma patterns is an intense process, and requires proper preparation and integration. Depending on your background, your (mental) health, your life-challenges, we will approach these subjects in the for your appropriate way.


E-mail or text +34 627 937 513 to setup a call so we can discuss your unique situation and approach.



See through the limitations you hold within yourself and find your way back into your personal power!

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Based on your personal needs and goals, we will decide what route to take. For some a few coaching sessions will do to get back on track, others need more time. The rate for the One on One Coaching sessions is €100 per 1hr session, or €450 for a package of 5 sessions. 

Different rates apply for company invoicing. 


Call or text +34627937513, or e-mail to setup your free introduction call and get to know more!