Weight Loss with Mindfulness

Undestanding WHY we eat what we eat when we eat can make a significant different in the food choices we make. The problem is that we are not only eating when we are hungry, but also when we are emotional, when we are bored, tired, sad, angry, frustrated and so on.

Food has become a means to suppress feelings we do not want to experience. Often times we eat when we are happy or to celebrate. We eat to reward or sooth ourselves after a workout or long day of work.

At times we want to get back in shape and use our willpower avoid eating unhealthy or too much for a while, but something happens and before we realize we are in the rollercoaster again. Over time, we have gain weight and loose energy, we get frustrated, because our body doesn’t feel or look like we want, and there it starts all over again. We all have limited willpower and the mere act of using willpower depletes our strength for future attempts. So, we need another strategy. This is my way out of the rollercoaster:

  • Keep a food diary and for a week keep track of:
    • What you eat and drink at when
    • When you reach for food, check in: How do I feel? Am I really feeling hungry? Or am I tired, thirsty, sad, etc.? Just write down how you feel and feel free to eat.
  • Reflect on the emotions that were present when you craved food.
  • Then when you want to eat, drink plenty of water first, you might be thirsty.
  • Also look at what you eat, when your food is high on sugar, it’s easy to overeat, so make sure to eat plenty of nutrient rich food, like protein and veggies.
  • Never skip meals, because when you get really hungry, it’s very easy to fall for not so healthy options.
  • Distract yourself when you want to eat when not really hungry
    • Read a couple pages in a book
    • Inhale and exhale deeply for a couple minutes
    • Go for a walk or exercise
    • Cuddle with your pet
    • Call someone you love
    • Practice some meditation
  • When you still feel hungry, make sure to eat something that satisfies you, like some nuts and seeds.
  • When all the above doesn’t work, consult a coach or therapist to find the underlying cause of the emotional eating.

And don’t be to hard on yourself, it takes time to change a routine and sometimes you might choose to surrender to the urge of emotional eating. De big difference is that it has become a conscious choice when you have created awareness.

With awareness you can stop the endless cycles from turning and find YOUR perfect shape.