Step 1. Bring your full attention to your experience in this moment.
Step 2. Focus your attention on the flow of the breath.
Step 3. Feel the body completely from head to toe.

3 minute breathing space

This is a very short meditation where you take 3 minutes to become aware of what is actually happening in the moment.


When we take a moment to bring awareness to the reality of the moment we step out of the automatic reactions of the mind and find some relief from stress or tensions.


The first step is to step out of the automatic pilot for one minute and to ask yourself: Where am I? What is going on? What are my thoughts? Physical sensations? Emotions?


You can practice this either with your eyes closed or open. Either standing or seated. Just make sure your spine is erect.


Observe what is present without wanting things to be different, acknowledge whatever is there right now, pleasant or unpleasant, allow things to be exactly as they are. Simply observing.


The next step is to focus your attention on the flow of the breath in your body for one minute. Where can you feel the rising and falling sensation of the breath? In your belly? In your chest? In your nose?


Focus your attention on the breath, knowing when you inhale and knowing when you exhale. Use the anchor of the breath to be really present in the moment.


The final step is to bring your full attention to the body as a whole. You feel the whole body including any tensions, emotions, and sensations.


Then, when you are ready, you can open your eyes again and notice how you feel.


Below you will find a guided 3-minute breathing space meditation.