Be True to Who you Are

What does it mean?
Being true to who you are means to radically accept and love yourself. This takes practice, this means getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks, this means saying no to others even when you are expected to say yes. This is not being selfish, but a true act of love, because when you truly love and accept yourself, you don’t need anyone else to fill that gap in your heart and in return are capable of truly loving and accepting others as well. And….bonus…you will become so radiant and confident that you will become (even more) irresistibly beautiful…
What does it takes?

We all are products of our upbringing and conditioning, long before we can decide for ourselves, we are shaped by our environment. We can choose to accept this conditioning, however, when you feel this doesn’t work for you, you will never feel whole and complete, because a part of you is not being expressed and will not stop nagging until you allow it space to express itself. The invitation to be true to who you are is one not to be taken lightly. When you start to live from the place of truly being you, radical changes start to happen in both your internal and external world.
Is there a shortcut?
The quickest route to become true to who you are is by radically saying YES to YOU. This means to really tune in to what you need and want for your life. To not fall in the energy draining trap of doing things for the sake of pleasing others. To realize how we drain ourselves from energy when we proceed with things when the buzzing and exiting feeling inside (you know what I mean) is missing. When doing things only because we think we are expected to do them, when – if being honest – we don’t want to do them and we do this too much and too long, we risk not only being unhappy, we also risk getting depressed or develop (serious) illness. Keep in mind that it’s okay to be happy, it’s ok to live the life your heart calls you to.
How to get there?
Mindfulness Meditation is a crucial tool in connecting to who you truly are and what you really want and need in your life to feel complete and whole. When you learn to control your mind instead of allowing it to control you, your communication skills improve, you become repsonsive instead of reactive and your self-confidence and self-esteem increases. When you are less distracted by thoughts you relax deeper and you will see your productivity and creativity improve. Also you gain more and more access to your intuïtion and learn to trust it.

Be you, the world will adjust.