I'm Lydia Hill

Transformational coach, somatic counselor, meditation, and mindfulness teacher.


I believe we are all beautiful deep down, holding treasures that the world needs us to reveal. If only, we could see ourselves.


It was by honoring my deepest heart desires, facing my fears and insecurities, by looking at my shadows and healing deep rooted trauma, that I took my power back. Gaining self-confidence, clarity, and massive self-worth! 


I started practicing yoga and exploring the dynamics of the mind in my early twenties in an attempt to figure out life. The teachings of yoga, mindfulness & meditation helped me battle anxiety and depression, stop emotional eating, and to become more accepting and loving towards myself. Working with a coach is what helped me change my game.


Even though my work is my passion, I also love being home home taking care of my family. You will see me with a book in my hand a lot of the time, reading and studying is my way of relaxing. And, I love a good challenge, both in yoga & in the gym.


I am a yoga entrepreneur, trauma informed life-coach, yoga, mindfulness & meditation teacher. Here to help you to get out of the limitations you experience within and find freedom of heart. 


I have worked for many years in the corporate world, and simultaneously started my spiritual journey through yoga, meditation & mindfulness. Polarities I have now fused together into my work. 


Co-founder of Yogazone Marbella, a growing community of connected people who share the passion for a mindful and conscious life. 


With a razor-sharp mind, and an open heart, I see you with clarity, truth, and compassion. Looking through the limitations you hold within yourself and I am here to guide you on your way out, back into your personal power. 


Not afraid of your thoughts, shadows, and (big) emotions. I love working with people, no matter where they are in life, and I am grateful for this calling.


Trauma is a key element of healing for many. I am specialized in unraveling trauma and phobias, using different methods, a powerful element for a lot of people to move forward in life. 






I am dedicated to ignite that spark in you, that spark that keeps you motivated to take good care of yourself and to become truly happy with who you are. 


Connect with me for a custom package towards the best version of yourself. If you want to check out my professional background you can click here.


For more information or to book a session, please send an e-mail to lmellaart@gmail.com or text/call/WhatsApp me
on +34 627 937 513.




When you are willing to do the work and to dive deep, you get to tap into sources of energy and strength you haven’t had access to before. You discover things about yourself you couldn't imagine before. - Lydia

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For more information or to book a session, please send an e-mail to lmellaart@gmail.com or text/call/WhatsApp me
on +34 627 937 513.