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Welcome to my website!

My name is Lydia, I am a licensed yoga teacher, trauma counsellor and, mindfulness meditation coach.


I believe that with the right support and guidance, we gain access to deeper levels of competence, expansion and freedom within ourselves.


When we are willing to do the work and dive deep, we get to tap into sources of energy and strength we haven’t had access to before. We discover things about ourselves we weren’t aware of before.


By honouring our deepest heart desires, by facing our fears and insecurities, by looking at our shadows, we take our power back, gain self-confidence and liberate stuck energy to use for transformation of our lives!


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Glowing beauty comes from feeling happy and healthy within!

Mindfulness & Life-Coaching; learning crucial Life Skills

Transformation through Mindfulness Meditation & Life-Coaching
Mindfulness Meditation is a very powerful tool to transform your life in many different areas. It’s well known to ease stress, reduce anxiety, cope better with pain, reduce ruminative thinking, prevent depression and to become more accepting and loving towards yourself, your body and others. When you know how to apply the tools you will feel more present to what really matters and open to accept whatever is happening in the moment. It helps you to respond rather than react to situations or thoughts and to catch a negative thinking pattern before you go down with it. This leaves you with a tremendous sense of power and control over your own life.

With Mindfulness Meditation you will learn a skill that helps you improve many areas of your life, you will learn to:

  • monitor your thoughts instead of allowing thoughts to control you
  • let go of anxiety and depression and it’s residual effects
  • become less distracted by thoughts and relax deeper
  • feel into your body and what it needs to be vibrant
  • become more responsive and less reactive
  • improve your communication skills and relationships
  • access your creativity and improve productivity
  • find true self-confidence and self-esteem
  • gain more access to your intuition and learn to trust it
  • truly accept and love yourself, your body and those around you

What do I offer?
I offer an 6-week program that is based on the clinical program of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) where you learn how to get out of your head and focus your full attention on your experience in the moment, without the constant stream of comments in your thoughts. MBCT is a mindfulness-based stress reduction program grounded in traditional spiritual practices and teaches you tools to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. MBCT helps you to recognise automatic thought processes, bodily sensations, and feelings that have the strength to pull you down into fear, anxiety, and depression. MBCT uses different cognitive behavioral techniques, meditations and mindfulness tools to help you see these destructive mind patterns and break them permanently. By gaining a deeper awareness of what’s going on in your body and mind, from moment to moment, you develop incredible control over your mind. This ultimately sets you free. When you do the work, the results and benefits are truly unlimited.

Physical benefits
On a physical level mindfulness can support you in improving your health, it can help to lower blood pressure, treat heart disease, improve sleep and reduce chronic pain.

Mental benefits
On a mental level there are many benefits and they are different for everyone. However, mindfulness has proven to be effective for depression, addictions, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. If needed, we will address unresolved trauma patterns as well.

What are the prices?
The 6-weeks mindfulness program is held via One on One lessons online via Skype/Facetime, the total rate for this training (including all the material) is €699. If you prefer the training at your location of choice in the Marbella area the price is €999.

Group trainings are held twice a year at yogazone Marbella, click here to check for the upcoming course dates and times.

How to get in touch?
For more information or to book a session, please text/call/whatsapp me on +34 627 937 513.

Public meditation classes
My weekly public meditation classes are held at yogazone in San Pedro de Alcantara. Click here for the schedule and here for the facebook page.


 “If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.” – Ajahn Chah

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Heal your body and mind with yoga

The Unlimited Benefits of Yoga

The practice of Yoga has unlimited possibilities for your Body, Mind, and Soul. By practicing Yoga, moving the body while focusing on the breath, you will feel that you get stronger, more flexible and that tension releases, leaving you feeling empowered, more connected and focused. Body and mind are one, a healthy body means a healthy mind and vice versa. In my yoga classes, I incorporate a hatha yoga system that unifies Universal Principles of Alignment with Yoga Philosophy, optimized for a deep opening of the body, mind & heart. This empowers you to skillfully align your body and to fully awaken to your potential. Also, you will find me weaving in Personal Development tools to help you explore your own psyche and to dive deeper into your own experience, unraveling the truth of who you are.

With a steady practice of yoga you will quickly experience that yoga helps you to:

  • connect to your body
  • increase flexibility and balance
  • improve posture and attitude
  • tone and strengthen muscles
  • reduce stress levels
  • release excess weight
  • improve focus and concentration
  • improve performance in other areas
  • recover faster from injuries

What do I offer?

I offer Private Yoga sessions in the Marbella area. Private Yoga is a powerful tool for all levels of experience. For the beginner it can help to build strength and confidence, getting comfortable with the basics before attending a group class. For the more experienced practitioner, it can help to deepen the practice, working on a specific challenge, or to develop a home practice designed for one’s personal needs. For people that face injuries or other health concerns, we work on creating the optimal conditions to support the natural healing process.

What are the prices?

The rate of a single 1hr session is €80 at my venue and €100 at your location of choice in the Marbella area. Tailor made packages are available as well.

How to get in touch?

For more information or to book a session, please text/call/whatsapp me on +34 627 937 513.

Public yoga classes

My weekly public yoga classes are held at yogazone in San Pedro de Alcantara. Click here for the schedule and here for the facebook page.

Body and mind are one, a healthy body means a healthy mind and vice versa.
With yoga you learn to skilfully align your body and mind, awakening your true potential along the way.


For more information or to book a session, please send an e-mail to or text/call/whatsapp me
on +34 627 937 513.

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